I hope you're well, mama.


Messy buns + bottomless cups of coffee. Trying to find work-family-life balance. Carving out snippets of me-time, between snacks and scraped knees and bedtime stories. 


We're all in it, together. 


Wellmama events are created to inspire, educate, and help you C U L T I V A T E whatever you need more of to be the best version of you: Vibrant, energized and overflowing with love for yourself.  


What an exceptional gift to give to your family: a happier, healthier you! (See what I did there? Mom-guilt: POOF!) 

So come and refill your cup, Mama. Because there is so much pouring to do. 

See you there, gorgeous. (Ya, I'm talkin' to you.) 

xx Lindsay 

Creator, The Wellmama Project

Founder, Tenth Moon Mother Care